Programme 2019


fri 28 June 19:00


- ensam som Gud

[Sweden / Swedish]

A monologue about Billy Bloom – a teenager who makes himself a norm-critical installation and clashes with reality – based on the novel Freak Show by James St. James.

Billy is a feminine guy surrounded by conservative adults and ruthless youths. Alone in his own universe he masters the escapist art of turning a blind eye to the threatening, in the complete absence of social skills, self-distance and exercise in the art of melting in.

Duration: 60min

Performed by: Michal Axel Piotrowski
Text by: Michal Axel Piotrowski, loosely based on the book by James St. James 
Directed by: Fredrik Lundqvist and Joséphine Wistedt
Choreography by: Joséphine Wistedt
Lighting design by: Sofia Öhrndalen
Sound design by: Fredrik Lundqvist

sat 29 June 19.00


- soolo miesäänelle

[Finland / Finnish]

She was born a woman but wished to be accepted as a man. Becoming a man required hormone treatment. There was just one obstacle: the voice.

She felt her soul was in her beautiful voice, and she didn’t want to lose it. Eventually the need to be accepted as a man grew so strong that she decided to undergo treatment. Now Axel is both physically and socially identified as a man. But who is he on the inside?

Axel – solo male vocal is a melodic portrait of someone forced to choose between gender and voice. The piece asks – was Axel’s sacrifice worth it? What is gender? Why must we choose? Is it possible to choose?

Duration: 90min

Written by: Heini Junkkaala and Axel

Directed by: Heini Junkkaala

Performed by: Axel
Sound design by: Markus Lindén

Lighting design by: Titus Torniainen

Adapted by: Elina Snicker


Hongjia Qi, Producer & Curator



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